Annual General Meeting in Lymington, England Friday 9 - Sunday 11 June, 2017             . From the horses mouth

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Saturday 10 June, 2017

The Gala dinner Saturday evening was held at the Royal Lymington Sailing Club, who in every aspect lived up to what you would like to experience at the traditional black tie dinner. The surroundings were perfect from the balcony to the elegant dining room and the staff managed to serve a different selection of courses to perfection. It was the night of the club’s summer ball and the Association was invited too.

It was also time for presenting the Challenge Cup for Olli Martio, who won the S&S Association Global Challenge 2017. Olli is not a newcomer in this regatta having won it twice before, each time with a crew of family members.

AGM 2017 - Yarmouth AGM 2017 - Sunday morning