Annual General Meeting in Lymington, England Friday 9 - Sunday 11 June, 2017             . From the horses mouth

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Sunday 11 June 2017

The first programme topic for Saturday was a very interesting tour of the Berthon Boatyard with one of the two owners guiding us, not just through the yard itself, but also through a presentation of the Berthon business beliefs, which form the foundation for the longevity of this splendid company.

The AGM itself was conducted in a meeting room at the yard. The very first topic was the farewell speech of our Chairman David Olley, one of the founding members of the S&S Association. It was a moving moment and there were tears in many eyes. We selected our new Chairman, Rob Snoeks, who has served as Vice Chairman for many years. As new Vice Chairman we elected Henrik Philipsen, who represents the younger generation of the Association.

An important topic for the AGM was the venue of next year’s AGM and the proposal from Aud & Jon-Martin to host it on a small island outside Kristiansand received big applauds and everybody got busy planning the travel, some by boat and others by land. Kristiansand has an airport and a good ferry connection to Denmark so logistics it should be easy.

For more information about the AGM, please refer to the minutes which are available elsewhere on this web site.

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