Annual General Meeting in Lymington, England Friday 9 - Sunday 11 June, 2017             . From the horses mouth

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Saturday 10 June, 2017

The flotilla sailing from Lymington to Yarmouth was reduced to 2 boats, Scheherazade and the Lymington – Yarmouth ferry. We congregated at the Royal Solent Sailing Club in Yarmouth which has one of the best views of the Solent of all the Solent-based sailing clubs. Again we were catered for extremely well while enjoying each other’s company on the first floor terrace. Our (then) Chairman, David Olley, gave a short speech commemorating our first Chairman Terry Sprake who died in 2012. The plan was to scatter his ashes from one of the SS34s on the return sail from Yarmouth, but the weather meant that this part of the AGM had to be postponed to the Tuesday after the main event.

After the meal we had time enough to explore the pearl of the Isle of Wight – Yarmouth - before returning on the ferry or Scheherazade.

AGM 2017 - Gala Dinner AGM 2017 - The boats