Annual General Meeting on Bragdøya, Norway Friday 25 - Sunday 27 May 2018            . From the horses mouth

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Bragdøya is an island in Kristiansand municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway. The 0.7-square-kilometre island is in the archipelago in the Kristiansandsfjorden, just south of the city of Kristiansand.

Bragdøya has been owned by the municipality of Kristiansand since 1969 when they bought it with a government grant as a public open space. It was purchased with the requirement that the islands would be a recreational space for the city. During the summer, the island is used as grazing land for sheep.

For centuries, Bragdøya has been inhabited. "Siffuord Bragdøen" is mentioned in written sources as owner from 1610 and onwards. The first manor house in Kristiansand was built in Bragdøya around 1770 for the family of Henrik Arnold Thaulow. Thaulow was the grandfather of Oscar Wergeland, Henrik Wergeland, and Camilla Collett, and his grandchildren spent time on the island during the summers. There are several older cottages on the island.

In 1915, two large warehouses were built on the west side of Bragdøya where mackerel was salted and packed for export. The business did not go particularly well, however, and in the inter war period the business was ended.

Bragdøya Coastal Cultural Center, near Kristiansand S, Norway

Friday, May 25 Registration and welcome 6 pm

Sunday, May 27 Official program concludes 2 pm

(program details will be updated at a later date)

NOK 2000 for meals and programme events, including a sightseeing cruise in the archipalago;
accommodation costs to be paid separately




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