The Body Warmer was launched at the 2012 AGM in Dyvig, Denmark. With the fresh rather windy weather it earned it’s keep and was a real success. Therefore we decided to continue the tradition at the 2013 AGM in London and the potential for the same fresh weather was fulfilled. This is not something the organisers have done deliberately, but what they have done is ensure that all can purchase a Body Warmer and keep warm whatever the occasion. We have made the Body Warmer available for purchase over the Internet and delivered to you directly. Mailing costs are not insignificant, but for most of you cheaper than the airfare to London or Hamburg (where the stocks are located).

Dyvig 2012
Annual General Meeting
S&S Association Body Warmer

Key aspects:

The Body Warmer is a stylish garment with it’s golden embroidered “Sparkman & Stephens Association” on the back and S&S on the front. The outer is windproof material, the inner fleece and in between is a layer of soft insulation material. It is equipped with two zipped outer pockets, an inner zipped pocket and a smaller velcro secured pocket for your mobile phone. There are draw strings in the collar, in both arm openings and at the bottom which allows you adjust the jacket for max wind protection. Furthermore there is a hood normally hidden in the collar. All in all a proper jacket for brisk days.

Limited stock! Orders are allocated on a first come, first served basis. When they are gone, they are gone.

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