The Sparkman & Stephens Association Global Regatta -  a proud commemoration of the beautiful Olin Stephens designs

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2015 Australia Blondie

Simon Torvaldsen with ‘Blondie’, an Australian built S&S34, won the Geraldton race and the return race, both races 220 NM long, Simon won both races, the race out by over 45 minutes on corrected time. The return race was extremely hard going to windward into big wind over tide seas with many retirement’s; this was the weather that they and Blondie came into their own, Blondie was first to finish around 5 hours ahead of the second boat on the water, with a win of over 11 hours on corrected time.

2017 Finland Inkeri

Although Inkeri won just one overnight race the Helsinki Tallinna Race (14 participants in the class LYS 4-6, Inkeri won her class;  total distance 45 miles, all the way upwind) but the point is that Inkeri won the North Sails LYS 2016 Ranking in the Gulf of Finland for yachts under (or equal to) the FINLYS number 1.16. There is another series for yachts over 1.16 LYS ranking. The series consists of 40 races of which only one is an overnight race (the Helsinki Tallinna Race). In addition to the Finnish yachts there were some boats from Estonia and Russia who took part in the races.

The scoring for the North Sails LYS Ranking is somewhat complicated but roughly speaking 6 best races are included plus from each finished race the participant gets 2 points. The scores depend on the number of participants in each race so that in order to win the North Sails LYS Ranking one must participate (and succeed) in races with many participants. Altogether there were 147 boats who took part in some race but not many of them seriously.

Inkeri took part in 8 races winning 6 of them. In the remaining two races Inkeri was the second.  As a rule we picked those races which were supposed to have maximum number of participants. In general the races were 15 – 26 miles long except the Helsinki Tallinna Race. Our net score was 76 points. All the others remain under 50 points.

Among the competitors were several yachts who had won the Finnish Offshore Championships (ORC) during the recent years (actually we had done the same more than 10 years ago). Inkeri had a family crew consisting of my two sons, the wife of the elder son, my bother and myself. In the summer of 2016 winds tended to be strong compared to the earlier years but our S.S yacht Inkeri came out in one piece without even sail damages.