The Sparkman & Stephens Association Global Regatta  A proud commemoration of the beautiful Olin Stephens designs Global Regatta wall of fame Recent winners  The Global Regatta Challenge Cup is normally awarded at the AGM the year following the actual race.

2014 Finland Inkeri

The Mattio family was at it again and was again unbeatable. They repeated last year’s triumph in an even better time closely followed by Antti Muuronen in Adelfi, a Swan 36. Antti sailed relatively faster, but had heavier competition in his class and therefore could not claim the Challenge Cup. As Olli Martio says: “We know this race, our boat, and our crew so well that almost no-one can beat us in our class”.


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2015 Australia Blondie

Simon Torvaldsen with ‘Blondie’, an Australian built S&S34, won the Geraldton race and the return race, both races 220 NM long, Simon won both races, the race out by over 45 minutes on corrected time. The return race was extremely hard going to windward into big wind over tide seas with many retirement’s; this was the weather that they and Blondie came into their own, Blondie was first to finish around 5 hours ahead of the second boat on the water, with a win of over 11 hours on corrected time.

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