Pepper III, Swan 44


Skippered by Tommi Uksila

Viaporin Tuoppi Race

The biggest off shore race in Finland, or even in the world

S&S Association Global Regatta runners up

Viaporin Tuoppi is the biggest wooden boat race and meeting in Finland, probably in the whole Baltic Sea (or even in the world, according to the race organisers). This year 138 wooden boats were competing.

Viaporin Tuoppi is an exciting race for wooden beauties and a spectacular feast for sailboat enthusiasts. You are warmly welcomed to join the race with your boat, or just enjoy the summer’s day at the unique Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.

All nationalities are welcome to the race, which is sailed on the waters surrounding Suomenlinna. All types, models, and sizes of mahogany sailboats will participate, from all around the Baltic Sea.

For the crews, a traditional Finnish sauna were available right after the race. It is a splendid way to relax after the sail, before joining the dinner and festivities at the marina.

The race is organized by Suomenlinna Yacht Club (SuPS).

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Custom S&S 45

Skippered by Kerstin Schaefer

German Classics 2017

Kerstin Shaefer wrote:

The yearly race takes place at Laboe, close to Kiel, so it's Baltic Sea. The Friday usually has 2 races in a triangular course in the firth (~20 nm) We were second in both, but best in total, so no. 1.  The weather was smooth, sunny, 6 m/s. 

The Saturday always is a longer distance, also about 20 nm but leads outside the firth where it becomes a little more rough. The weather was more windy, about 10-12 m/s, grey and cloudy, so harder work.

Last but not least you have to know, that very different ships start against each other because so many classical yachts are unique.  They try to objectify it with a special classical race rating and have classes / groups which sail against each other in the hope they are close to equal.

If you ask me what was special (I don't want to say why we were successful):

1. We sail S&S, what stands for hard to beat, of course.

2. There were more women than men on board (Friday 3:2, Saturday 4:2)

3. For me the most important thing is to have fun and to keep my crew and the ship safe     and undamaged, I am never fixed on winning.

4. Together we have always a very good spirit and a lot of fun on board.

5. I am very proud we did it all without gennaker or spinnaker.

6. The crew that bet us on Saturday were only men, younger than we were, so they are     welcome. Congratulations! I am sad for them, it's no great S&S.