Second position 2017


Pepper III, Swan 44

Skippered by Tommi Uksila

Alandia Suursaari Race

The biggest off shore race in Finland

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Alandia Suursaari Race is the biggest off shore race in Finland. We sail around the Suursaari Island which belongs to Russia. Wind conditions varies normally a lot like this year too. From dead calm to nice 20 knots wind. It is the race for all kind of boats. Down wind, up wind, reaching, from light breeze to 20-30 knots wind with very short waves. This year after the dead calm start wind finally woke up from east and we had very nice up wind sailing in 20 knots wind. After sailing around the island we hoisted S3 spinnaker. First it was very nice and fast down wind sailing until the wind shifted to north. we were able to keep spinnaker up but it seemed that we were going to loose Line honor to another light and modern boat which was flying in those conditions. We did not gave up. After the Helsinki light house we had long up wind leg to the finishing line and thanks to hard work, awesome boat and good sailing we managed to get Line honor back just few nautical miles before t he finish line! We won our own LYS 2 class now third time in a row and this year we won the great and highly valued LYS overall trophy too. And like mentioned the Line honor in our class as well. It is awesome to do things like this with over 40 years old classic beauty S&S Swan 44 - Racing and winning with style!

Third contender 2017


Marionette, Dolphin 24

Skippered by Ron Breault

Camden Classic Cup

Six classes race over three days

Very light air; raced double handed in spinnaker class against larger boats. wind, current, tidal etc.

The Camden Classics Cup regatta serves as a feeder event for the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta series that starts with a race from Castine to Camden, another from Camden to Brooklin, then the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta which this year had 119 entries. You can read all about it here:

This story is part of Marionette's Log, 2016 with a lot of material to sift thru, and figure out how to get it on the Dolphin 24 website. It is still a work in progress with a number of late arriving postscript notes and photos inserted where they fit chronologically.

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