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Sparkman & Stephens Association Annual General Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

14 - 16 June, 2019


Sunday dawned bright and sunny and we headed on the ferry to the island of Suomenlinna. The Island’s sea fortress built across a cluster of seven islands, was built in the mid-1700s when Finland was part of Sweden and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Magdalena returned to provide another interesting guided tour before we met in the Pajasali meeting room located in the cellar of the Crownwork Ehrensvärd.  The building was constructed in 1786 and over the years, it has served as a smithy, bakery, barrel and window workshop,  warehouse and now renovated as a conference centre.

The formal minutes of the AGM will be posted to the website soon but brief highlights included the award of the Global Challenge Cup to our Australian member, Shane Kearns of Azzurro for his success in the Australian Gold Coast Race, the decision to award Honorary Life membership to Tapio Lehtinen for his services to the S&S name, and an excellent presentation from our very own “S&S Professor” Lars Strom on the huge selection of S&S designs represented around the marinas, boatyards and anchorages of Finland.

Proceedings closed with lunch of the ultimately Finnish lunchtime soup - Lohikeitto – salmon, potatoes, dill and cream … delicious, and we wended our way home after another happy gathering of S&S friends old and new.

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A stunning set of photos was taken during the race by professional photographer Esko Kilpi, of which a few are included above.  A full set can be viewed at 

Esko has kindly agreed to provide large prints of any of these for a small thankyou.  Please contact him through our regional secretary in Finland, esa.vesmanen@gmail.comThese photos are copyrighted may not be used commercially without an arrangement with Esko Kilpi

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