Annual General Meeting on Bragdøya, Norway Friday 25 - Sunday 27 May 2018            . From the horses mouth

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AGM 2018 - Friday night AGM 2018


The drive through Europe was interesting and fun…a boozy picnic dinner in Belgium, seemingly endless roadworks in Germany, and a hotel in Denmark badly in need of a lesson in customer service.  We had a lovely smooth crossing from Hertshals in north Denmark to Kristiansand, cruising at 37 knots.  Arriving in Kristiansand to catch the little Bragdøya ferry in beautiful weather (the app was right), we met old friends and it immediately felt like the party had begun.  Luckily the ferry was quite roomy – there was a vast amount of luggage – tents, rucksacks, trophies, a table, chairs, S&S regalia, suitcases and three coolboxes!  As promised it was just a 10 minute ride over to Bragdøya, and as promised it is a beautiful island.

Six S&S boats had arrived – Sasha and Jos of Hamble (Germany), Wervelwind & Hestia (Nertherlands), Valona & Ian XIV (Norway).  Very fine they looked too in the small harbour.  Other friends had arrived earlier (some early enough for a romantic row around the island), there were a lot of hands available to unload the ferry and the wonderful island volunteers came to help with tractor and trailer to transport luggage to the various accommodation sites. We campers purloined a couple of wheel barrows to transport our tents to our campsite over a little rise from the harbour.