Annual General Meeting on Bragdøya, Norway Friday 25 - Sunday 27 May 2018            . From the horses mouth

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AGM 2018 - Saturday Gala Dinner AGM 2018 - Saturday morning

Saturday Afternoon

Following the tour, we boarded the ex-ice breaker for a trip around the archipelago. Amazing houses on island after island, most with jetties and strategically placed sun loungers.  The sailing area looked wonderful, and a good set of charts would seem compulsory, not just to find the right channels but also to know where you are amongst all the islands.  We stopped off at an island with a harbour between tall cliffs where we moored for lunch (copious amounts of delicious chicken soup – some people had several helpings, more homemade bread and fruit to follow).

On our return, an opportunity to visits the six yachts.