Annual General Meeting on Bragdøya, Norway Friday 25 - Sunday 27 May 2018            . From the horses mouth

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AGM 2018 - Sunday AGM AGM 2018 - Saturday afternoon

Saturday Gala Dinner

Despite the AGM being billed as informal including the Saturday evening dinner, as we gathered at Gerhart’s Villa for pre-dinner drinks there was a full spectrum of dress, from dinner suit and mess dress through to jeans and everything in between, including a great variety of colour in the shoe line.  Hans Kettering felt Mike France’s bow-tie tying skills could be improved and thought he could do better.

Dinner started in the traditional way with Rob Snoeks as Chairman introducing our hosts Aud and Jon-Martin, drinking from the Founders Cup, and this year we all got to have a swig too.

Rob had had a silversmith friend craft three tie pins depicting the lines of Olin’s first famous design, Dorade. He wanted to give one of these to a founder member who is no longer able to travel to the AGM when we have it abroad. David Olley has been the backbone of the Association for so many years, as one of the founders, UK Regional Secretary & Chairman. Rob thanked him for his service; we all miss him and Juliet at the AGMs. Since they weren’t able to be there, one of the younger, more media-savvy attendees made a movie of Rob’s speech and presentation so that David & Juliet could feel a part, albeit a small one, of the proceedings. Rob then went on to speak about the second tie pin. He wanted to present it to someone who had very quietly been providing great value to the Association. Someone who always did this in a very unassuming way (so unassuming it wasn’t registering that Rob was talking about him…). Rob asked Mike France, the membership secretary, to come up so he could present him with the second tie pin and to thank him for all the hard work he has done behind the scenes over several years, ensuring that the membership and yacht data is accurate, up to date and presented in the Yearbook. The surprised look on Mike’s face amused a number of us. Rob was silent on the subject of the third tie pin, and I began to think I’d misheard, however it was presented to Aud as a thank-you at the end of the AGM the next morning. Mystery solved.

Another delicious meal, this time roast pork, followed by the most delicious cloudberries picked by Aud’s sister, a Norwegian speciality, a lovely saffron yellow, served with ice-cream.  Patrick Mathiesen proposed a toast to Olin Stephens, the reason why we had all travelled to Bragdøya.  And so to our tents.

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